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We caught up with Don Broco frontman Rob Damiani after their high energy set on the NME / Radio 1 Stage at Reading and Leeds Festival 2015. With a freshly released album titled ‘Automatic’, an upcoming U.K. tour, and having performed a whopping five times at the dual-site festival during their eight-year career; we had plenty to talk about.

You’ve just come off stage, how was your set?

Yeah, it was great it was one of the favourite Leeds’ I’ve ever done and the rest of the boys loved it too. It was one of those shows where everything went right, and the crowd were amazing.

Did you perform any tracks from the new album?

Reading and Leeds is the first time we’ve played new material from the album to such a big crowd, and people were singing back all the words and that was pretty awesome.

You always put such a lot of energy into your performances, how do you manage to keep up that momentum?

Well, we’ve just come off an album release tour where we performed at tiny sweatbox venues that we hadn’t played in years, and I’d forgot how hard it is to deal with all the sweat and heat. It’s a lot tougher to perform in smaller venues.

What was the highlight of the album release tour?

We performed in one of the sweatiest venues on the [album] release tour called the Dutchess Of York, and it was unreal and mental. Ourselves and the crowd were in absolute agony for the whole show and that set us in good stead and blew away the cobwebs. So we’re ready to hit the road to take the album on tour in a couple of months.

Were you nervous about following up the debut album?

We loved our first album, and a lot of people dug it. With our new album, we didn’t want to let ourselves down as many bands rush their second album, and we set out not to do that. We wanted to write something very different, a collection of songs that stand up as an album in their own way.

What was the influence behind the new album?

We we’re raiding our parents music collection going back to the Duran Duran era – the time when you were in a good guitar band and you wouldn’t of being ashamed to write great pop music. I think today there’s a stigma of writing pop music as people want to remain super cool all the time and we wanted to bring the realness back with a real live band sound with instruments that create massive sounding tunes.

You’re set to take the album out on tour this December, what can we expect?

This is the first time we’re doing some really big venues and we’re really excited to get to play the new album and mix it up with some old ones. It’s not just another show we’ll be creating a new experience for fans to come away with the feeling they have seen something new and very different.

On the tour, you will play your biggest headline show to date at London’s Brixton Academy. How does that feel?

It’s nearly sold-out and we’re getting incredibly excited about it as it’s a local’ish venue (being not too far from London) and it’s a venue we saw our idols at back in the day. And the venue has such a rich history and the sound is great. It’s also got a sloped floor so you can see everyone. When we perform inside [Brixton Academy] it’s going to be the biggest landmark in the band’s career to date.

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