Blossoms on signing to Virgin EMI and tour plans

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Armed with a killer EP, entitled ‘Blown Rose’, psychedelic newbies Blossoms have pushed through to prominence in their native North West. Now, having recently signed a deal with Virgin EMI, the group will continue their assault on the music market with a run of U.K. tour dates this October. We caught up with the group, on a balcony backstage at Festival No. 6 to chat about all the above and more.

Hi guys, how are you today?

I’m very well Simon; great super-duper!

You performed at Reading & Leeds Festival last weekend, how was that experience?

Well, both of them were equally as good. Erm, well, not equally as good. We had big expectations, and Reading was great, so we were buzzing off that. Then we went to Leeds, and that had more of a home crowd feel, cause we’re from Stockport, so there were a lot of Manchester people at Leeds. It was one of the best gigs we’ve ever played; everyone was singing all the songs. Stopping and having the whole crowd singing back was humbling.

You’re set to perform at Festival No. 6 this afternoon, what have you got planned for the set?

Well, I think it is gonna be a raw and ready kind of vibe. We’ve just scoped out the venue, and it’s kinda like a little church, about literally as big as where we’re stood now [a balcony]. So no frills, just rough and ready. We’re looking forward to it; it’ll be very engaging. It’s dead nice around where we’re playing, the views and that.

And what are your initial thoughts on the festival?

There’s just a dead good vibe around this festival. Lots of positivity.

You just signed to Virgin EMI – so you’re sharing a label with Elton John, Rihanna and Jake Bugg – how does that feel?

It’s class isn’t it? It’s just what you want when you start a band. It just proves that we’re not all just mental, you know? Just quitting our jobs and joining a band; you start to question yourself. I don’t think it’s even hit us properly yet. We’ve still just got on the same as we always would; just rehearsing. We’re not like that you know; saying that I just bought a really expensive guitar [laughs]. Apart from that we’re just the same, just working as hard as we would, in fact, harder. But like you said, it’s good to be on a label with those kind of names.

And what’s their next step after signing?

Like they said to us, they’re just gonna knock everyone’s door down and just ram us down everyone’s throat, and that’s what we need. It’s that exposure that no matter how hard you try or how much you graft it comes to a point where you can take it as far as you’ve took it, you know what I mean? And now we’re just ready for them to step in and press the nuclear button.

You’ve just shot up the BBC 6 Music playlist as well; you’ve just been A-listed.

I know that’s mental! I was looking at the B-list and Paul Weller’s on the B-list! We’re above Paul Weller; it’s mental! It’s really good, though.

Steve Lamacq’s been boss, he’s supported us from the start, and I think he’s got a big say in that kind of thing. He’s so well respected so to have him backing you; it goes a long way. He came down as well – when we signed the deal he was there, we had a few drinks afterwards. But yeah to be on the A-list and the XFM daytime list as well, you know what I mean? Since releasing the ‘Blown Rose’ EP, it’s just gone really well.

You just mentioned the EP, when can we expect to hear a full album?

Probably next year I’d say. Obviously we’re gonna be recording an album in the upcoming months but release dates; we haven’t talked about that yet, but it will be next year sometime.

So what inspires you guys when you’re making music?

Erm, heartbreak a lot of the time. I write good songs when I’m feeling a bit s**t. A lot of it is lust and longing for something you can’t have.

You’ve got a U.K tour coming up next month, what can we expect from the tour?

Some new songs that people won’t have heard, obviously all the ones that are out now. Just like five lads who are just loving what they are doing now and I think that shines through when you’re performing; a band you can believe in.

How will this tour differ from your previous jaunts?

Well, this is our second proper headline tour, and we’re dead excited about it; we can’t wait. We’re playing the Ritz in Manchester, I mean that’s massive for us. We’ve gone from playing the Guildhall in Stockport to the Ritz within two years; it’s just mad. It’s just dead exciting, but we haven’t changed, we’ve still got our feet on the ground. Nothing’s changed with us as a band; apart from Tom’s got a nice guitar now [laughs].

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