Matt And Kim on DIY videos and tour plans

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Brooklyn duo Matt and Kim are renowned for their catchy blend of alternative, indie, dance music. Perhaps best known for their single ‘Daylight’, which featured on both Bacardi and Mars adverts back in 2009, the pair have released five studio albums to date. Armed with latest record ‘New Glow’ the twosome are set to hit the U.K. supporting Fall Out Boy on their latest tour this month. We caught up with Kim to discuss tour plans, DIY videos and their latest album. 

Hi guys, how are you today?

Great! Just got off a plane and luckily found a spot open with food and lots of wine!

You’re supporting Fall Out Boy next month, what do you have in store for your U.K. fans?

We are going to give it to them hard and quick like how a good one night stand should be!

Have you given any thought to your set list yet?

We have a shorter set on this run of shows so it’s been difficult to decide on which songs to play. I do know we have the usual Matt And Kim additions to our show. Still waiting on word if we can use the giant parachute… What happens under the parachute stays under the parachute!

Having performed to huge crowds at Lollapalooza, Coachella and Pukkelpop you’re no stranger to a large audience. How do you prepare yourself for these shows?

We treat the big shows just as we would the smaller shows. I think because when we started playing it was at loft parties and art spaces where everyone surrounded us on the floor. We have been lucky enough to keep that intimate feel in larger spaces. Yes I will lock eyes with you till you get uncomfortable and look away!

Being in a duo, do you ever get on each others nerves whilst on tour?

In probably the most disgusting way Matt and I get along really well. I don’t think I could spend as much time, as I do with Matt, with anyone else ever! When we get home from tour we still keep hanging out with each other. I know it is disgusting. I will say right now Matt is sleeping next to me and snoring like a lawn mower. I am debating kicking him [laughs].

You released your latest album ‘New Glow’ earlier this year, how have your fans reacted to it?

It was great. We have a mixture of a lot of our different sounds. This album has songs on it if you are more of a fan of ‘Daylight’ or ‘Let’s Go’, but also has songs if you are more of a fan of ‘Cameras’ or ‘Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare’. I also feel like the response to them live has been awesome and the live show is what I feed off of.

You have become infamous for your award-winning videos, which have been your favourite to shoot?

Well yes, I have to admit all these ideas Matt comes up with are pretty good. It usually takes me after the fact to admit this. You won’t believe how long I said no to stripping naked in Times Square. Also in February… C’mon at least let me get naked in a summer month! If I was to pick a favorite I would say it was ‘Cameras’ or ‘Hey Now’. Two reasons… 1. I really want to be a vigilante so anytime that there is ass kicking I am down and 2. I f***ing love to dance!

You have invited your fans to help create the video for ‘Can You Blame Me’, which have been your favourite submissions so far?

There is one where a bunch of guys are doing crazy things like taking a wagon down a giant hill, instigating ass kickings, binge drinking, fireworks… Let’s just say I like it when things go to the extreme and there is a little danger behind them.

What’s next for Matt And Kim?

More and more touring… We feel more comfortable on tour!

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