Nothing But Thieves on their self-titled debut album

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Alt-rockers Nothing But Thieves will release their self-titled debut album in October, but the five-piece already have the nation at their mercy with a spot on the BBC Radio 1 playlist with fourth single release ‘Itch’. We caught up with guitarist Joe Langridge-Brown backstage at Reading & Leeds Festival to discuss their forthcoming debut album, inspirations and tour plans.

You performed at Reading Festival yesterday, how was the set?

Reading for the band is our childhood festival, it’s the first festival we all went to as punters, and it’s a dream to perform at it. We didn’t know how many people were going to turn at 12 pm as it is a bit of a dodgy slot, but we were bowled over with how many people actually turned up; it was absolutely insane.

Did you expect such a huge turnout?

Not at all; we’re at that stage in our career not knowing if people are going to turn up or not.

You’re set to release your debut album on the 16th Oct 2015, could you tell us more about it?

It’s been a long time coming. We started recording in June of last year, and we’re really proud of what we have created; we think we’re more of an album band than a singles band. We don’t really fit with the whole singles culture. We just want to get it out there as I feel people will understand us more as a band when it’s finally released.

Who’s your main inspiration when making music?

We don’t have a set formula for writing songs I guess that’s why our music is quite eclectic. Lyrically I get inspiration from things like books but musically it’s bands I grew up with like Led Zeppelin and Motörhead; they’re the bands that made me want to be in a band.

Which tracks from the album do you most enjoy performing live?

The most enjoyable for me is a track called ‘Ban All The Music’ because it’s a big f***ing rock song and you can’t help but enjoy playing it. But there’s also another song that we’ve not released yet called ‘If I Get High’ it’s a slow ballad, and I feel that’s the best song we’ve written.

You’ve been nominated for Vevo Lift, can you tell us more about it?

We didn’t know anything about it until the [record] label told us that we had been nominated, and it was announced later that day. I feel it’s a bit of an honour as if you look at bands who have been nominated in the past they are doing pretty well now, so it’s nice to be on the list.

What do you hope will be the outcome of being nominated for Vevo Lift?

Hopefully, we’ll win [laughs]. If we do win, we’ll get to play a really cool show in Manchester with previous winners and stuff, and that would be awesome. Vevo has been really good to us they have given us a few premieres, and it’s nice to be taken seriously.

Do you have any plans to take the album on the road?

Absolutely, the album comes out on the 16th October, and we pretty much go out on the road the week after, for a month and a half doing a full U.K. then European tour.

What can fans expect on the October tour?

Basically, we’re saving playing a few tracks up until the October tour. So this tour will be nice and fresh, and you can hear songs that won’t have made it on to the album or been played live ever before.

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