Porter Robinson on debut album ‘Worlds’ and collaborations

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As one of America’s forefront electronic DJ’s and producers Porter Robinson has co-written with and remixed for some of the biggest acts in the world, including Zedd and Lady Gaga. With a bounty of touring experience he has opened up for the likes of Skrillex and Tiesto and performed at Electric Daisy Carnival, Creamfields, and Tomorrowland, amongst many others. We caught up with Porter backstage at Reading and Leeds Festival 2015 to chat about his debut album ‘Worlds’ and who he would most like to collaborate with. 

You performed at Reading Festival yesterday, how was that?

It was kind of funny; it went as well as it could I guess.

You’re set to perform at Leeds Festival later, do you have anything different planned for today’s set?

There’s always a degree of improvisation in my show, but the biggest focus for me at a show like this is taking a new crowd on a journey that showcases my album.

You’re currently out on a world tour, what’s the been highlight so far?

It is so hard to say as I’ve had so much fun, and I don’t want to p*** off anyone but in recent memory my show in Japan was insanely amazing. I played a venue in Tokyo called Liquid Room, and that was my moment it was so touching, there were points when I had full on goosebumps.

What do you most enjoy about performing here in the U.K?

One of the best shows I’ve ever had was in KOKO in London that crowd were so energetic in the best possible way. They just knew every song and sang along enthusiastically and everyone I met after the show was a blast.

Your debut album was released this time last year, what has the reaction been like since then?

Quite positive, I think. It was a complete change in style for me as I used to be doing straight forward EDM music, but I got sick of that went off and toured for a year. Then I went home and wrote this album. It was a completely different style and the enthusiasm from fans is much higher than it ever was before.

How do fans react to your music in a live setting?

I guess it often depends on the gig or festival, but I think when people take in my live shows they really watch and take it all in. When I think back to my older sets when I was just DJing without visuals people would try and go as crazy as possible, but now people take everything in as a combination and are like “wow”. I love watching people taking in the light show, visuals, and music together.

You have collaborated with some amazing artists in the past, who would you most like to collaborate with in the future?

That would have to be Kayne West and Daft Punk.

When can we expect to see you in the U.K next?

It’s so hard to say right now, usually I don’t have those things planned until at least I’ve already left.

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