Paramore bassist Jeremy Davis quits the band

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Jeremy Davis has quit Paramore.

The 30-year-old bassist, who formed the group with singer Hayley Williams back in 2004, has now decided to walk away from Paramore.

The ‘Ain’t It Fun’ hitmakers – who released their self-titled LP in 2013 – announced the news via a statement on their Facebook page.

While the remaining members admit, Jeremy’s decision has been “painful” to accept they have vowed to continue as Paramore.

The statement reads: “These last few years have held some of the most fulfilling moments we’ve had yet… as people, as friends, and as a band. The Self-Titled era was one that we knew would be important for us but also one we’d eventually have to move on from. In moving forward, there is growth, pain, and change… and sometimes the change is not at all what you hoped for.” 

“We’ve written and re-written this countless times, and there’s just not a good way to put it… Jeremy is no longer going to be in the band with us. To be honest, this has been really painful. After taking time to consider how to move forward, we ultimately found that we really do believe Paramore can and should continue on. And so we will.”

“We’re hopeful for Paramore’s future, and we’re also excited for what Jeremy’s going to do next.”

However, it’s not the end for Paramore. The group – who co-headlined Reading And Leeds Festival in 2014 with Queens Of The Stone Age – have promised fans that their upcoming Parahoy cruise will still go ahead, alongside several concerts in 2016.

Paramore continued: “Thank you all for your support and your belief in us. It’s kept us going. We will see some of you really soon on ‘Parahoy’. If you’re not coming on the cruise, we will still see you in 2016.”

Joined onboard by electronic trio CHVRCHES, the second Parahoy cruise will take place from the 5th – 9th Mar 2016 sailing from Miami to Cozumel, Mexico.

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